Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fall Reflections

This is watercolor on Arches paper.

I have done this same scene in variations, in oils and acrylics before, never a watercolor.

The scene was just outside of Branson Missouri, when I took a detour in the car to find this little pocket of creek and refections. Who would have thought I would be painting it in so many ways ten years later.

Anyway, here it is (again) , this is 12 x 16" unframed watercolor.

$300 Plus S/H.

Prints are also available at Fine Art America:

Monday, April 21, 2014

Steiner Ranch Steak House Art Show. May 4th

Heads up everyone.. There is going to be a wonderful art show held at the Steiner Ranch Steak House on May 4th 1-5pm 

A select group of artists, including yours truly, will be showing their art at this show.

There will be a variety of painters,  and one jeweler and sculptor will also have some great work on display.
So mark your calendars ( MAY 4th) ..this will be  a truly fun show with a lot of talented artists .....come along, check it out!

Steiner Ranch Steakhouse

5424 Steiner Ranch Blvd.
Austin, TX

Creekside Sandbars

I have done this scene in pastels and oils before, and as I am about to teach a Waterscape in Watercolor Workshop (May 15th), I decided I needed a challenge. Why not?.

I did add a very small amount of gouache to this (opaque watercolor) just for more 'zap'..

Greens are not my favorites in a painting, and I think they can get too 'dead' looking without a few highlight complimentary colors.You know me, I LOVE color!

This is a 12 x 16" unframed watercolor on Arches paper.
$300 plus S/H

Prints of this image are available through Fine Art America:

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Perdenales Escape

Our poor lakes and riverways in Texas are looking pretty sad as a result of the terrible drought over the years..

The above river is usually full of water,instead now all these rocks are visible.

It is still a very pretty area to paint although  I have embellished quite a bit, using gouache as well as transparent watercolor in this painting.

This is a 12 x 16" unframed watercolor..

$300 plus S/H

Prints of this image also available through Fine Art America:


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Vantage Point

I just received this in a shipment from Australia, it was a painting I did many years ago and gave it to my sister. It is a large oil on canvas, beautifully framed.

My sister had it in her estate, and now it has come back to me.

I actually love this painting, dare I say so myself, but it is a typical ocean scene in Australia, painted from my imagination..

This is a 36.5 x 42.5" framed oil.
I would love it to go to a good home, so if you are interested please contact me.

$900 plus s/h

Friday, April 18, 2014

Life Is But Dream

This was one of the demos I did in yesterday's workshop.
I tweaked it a little today, but not much.

It's a 14 x 20" watercolor (unframed)

The title is dedicated my dear friend Sue after her recent and very sad loss.

If you are interested in this image
$300 plus S/H.

Prints of this image can also be purchased through Fine Art america:

Surfside Cescendo

Hi everyone, yesterday I taught another LANDSCAPE and FLORAL watercolor workshop and was asked by a few students if I would do a WATERSCAPE WORKSHOP.

With this request in mind, I did this small seascape this morning...

 By the way I am scheduling the above WATERSCAPE WORKSHOP..SEASCAPES, WATERFALLS, STILL WATER..for May 15th if you are interested.

This is a 12 x 16" watercolor on arches paper (unframed)

I realized while I was painting it,  I don't recall ever doing a seascape in pure watercolor.. I have done a lot of seascapes in the past in pastels, acrylics and oils, even watercolor and collage, but never a pure watercolor, so this was a challenge for the old brain.

Thank you to all those students who came yesterday.. It was great fun.

12 x 16" watercolor
$250 plus S/H.

Prints of this image are aslo available through Fine art America: