Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rockport Sentinal

Well as you can see, I embellished the lime green grasses in the foreground and 'closed in' a little on the backlight of orange/red by using some olive green slightly darker than the paper color.

This one is finished now. I could possibly have stopped at even the stage before this one, but there was no one here to say, "RAE, STOP"!!!!

This is a 20" x 14" pastel unframed.
$350 plus s/h

Prints are also available through Fine Art America:

Rockport Sentinal in stages

This latest pastel is in the same technique as the previous post. I am on a role now. :)))

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Who's The Boss? .......completed

This is a 25.5" x 19.5" pastel on Sennelier paper

$450 plus s/h

Prints are also available at Fine Art America:

Who's The Boss? stages

I began this one with diffused alcohol/ pastel washes on Sennelier sanded La Carte paper.

I attended a demo a few nights ago by Mike Beeman, a wonderful pastellist from Cheyanne and he showed this technique.

It's funny, as I always knew that water and this surface would not mix, it removes the sanded covering in seconds, so I stayed away from an underpainting technique.

However, I never thought to use alcohol on it, which dried very quickly. One still has to be gentle , it will disturb the surface if you smudge too much with the brush, but it does work if you are careful. The surface is best left to dry before trying to pastel over the top.

I have done this with other surfaces, and just never thought to do it on Sennelier which is one of my all time favorite surfaces with which to work.

I am shocked I did not think to do this technique. It goes to show how important it is to watch others work, we can always learn something.

The color of this paper is a very soft tan green, which is a lovely value to use.

I truly had no idea what I would paint, and was just playing. The two first photos (left to right) on this page, show my IPad photos, which are not that clear I am sorry.

The second one is showing the two photos I had of roosters dragged onto the underpainted surface which I did in Sketch Club.
The other photos are my steps in pastel as I developed the painting.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Santorini Hideaway

While in Santorini on a cruise recently I walked the hilly terrain while my gal pals went shopping.

I took a lot of photos of the wonderful houses of this island.

This image is done in the watercolor markers entirely
As I sad in my last posts, these are great for the travelling artist.

This is an 8" x 8" watercolor.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Watercolor markers

These are the watercolor markers by Winsor and Newton.. Great fun and easy to use.

Maui Rooster

This one is done in Watyercolor Markers. (Winsor Newton ) ..
I take these when I travel and they are just wonderful for traveling light.

I will post a photo of one for your interest.

This image was a fun a playful one, just experimenting with leaving the whites.

8" x 8" watercolor markers on Arches paper