Sunday, January 20, 2019

To The Voice Of Running Waters..Watercolor..Texas Artist ..Rae Andrews

Just finished this watercolor. I made a step by step tutorial on the process, soon to be on my YouTube channel..

This image is 16” x 20” unframed
$500 plus S/H

Prints will soon be available on my Fine Art America Print site.

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Rae teaches workshops in the Unites States and Europe in all media.

For more info please contact her through this blog or via her website.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Come Paint With Rae Andrews in France at Le Vieux Couvent July 15-25th 2019

                                         Walk on the Wild Side

                   Le Vieux Couvent  Southwest France

                                     Rae  Andrews 

               Demos will be in Watercolor and Watercolor Journaling

      Full assistance in any medium of choice if watercolor is not for you

                                                       July 15-25 2019


$3100 not including airfare to and from Toulouse

Medieval 17th century convent , now an artist retreat, nestled in the village of Frayssinet in Southwest France, the painting opportunities abound. It’s quiet and charming, just the place to park your easels.

Scenic towns, villages, rivers, castles, and superb flowers and gardens await artists and photographers alike.

Cost includes:

Fabulous meals (except one dinner and two lunches), wine, single or double room accommodation with en suite in most, transportation to and from Toulouse airport, all plein air  day trips. **A  full  studio in which to paint  open 24/7  is also available to us. And of course tuition with Rae .

*** Rae will mainly demonstrate in watercolor, and how she approaches her travel journals ; as well as larger format watercolors. She will show you lots of techniques she has amassed over her 40 plus years of teaching.

 As  she also  paints and teaches in all  mediums, she encourages students bring  whichever medium they love, and she provide ‘at easel ‘ personal instruction to those students not painting in watercolor..


Not Included..

**Airfare to and from Toulouse is not included.

**One dinner and two lunches not included

**Art supplies and personal tipping  not included

Please contact Rae at and get your $600  ( made out to Rae Andrews)  by February 18th  2019 to secure your slot. Contact Rae through this blog for address .

A little on Rae..

Rae’s playful style is a loose and spontaneous approach in whichever medium she chooses to paint.

COLOR, DESIGN AND MOVEMENT are top priorities in her works

She has painted professionally for over 40 years , owned a 400 student art school and two art galleries

Monday, January 7, 2019

Abounding Color..Watercolor..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

This one was completed about a week ago. I made a step by step video of it and it can be seen on my YouTube channel.

This image is 16” x 20”
$500 plus S/H

Prints of this image are also available through Fine Art America.

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Rae teaches workshops in the US as well as Europe.

For more info please contact her through this blog or her website:

Friday, January 4, 2019

Trail Shadows..Watercolor..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

This watercolor image is on my YouTube channel in a step by step tutorial.
I hope you enjoy the process and subscribe to my channel, there are several videos there for you to view.

                                               This image is 16” x 20” unframed

                                                              $450 plus S/H

                                    Prints are also available through Fine Art America.

                                                             Thanks for visiting..

Rae teaches workshops in all mediums, in United States and Europe

For more info please contact Rae through this blog
or her website ..

Friday, November 23, 2018

A Wandering..Watercolor..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

I just finished this one. It's of the river area near my home. I have done several plein air paintings of it.
This one however, I painted in the studio today, from my photograph.

 Green on green is beautiful in nature, but in a painting, it tends to be a bit much of the same thing for me. 

 I usually play with complimentary colors, such as the orange/red family and even some blue/mauve colors as small accents amongst the green.

I hope you like this one. For me, it was very meditative to paint.

This image measures 16" x 20" unframed 
$550 plus S/H

Prints of this image available through Fine Art America:

Rae paints and teaches in all media. 
For more info on her workshops please contact her through this blog or her website

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Journal Entry..Greek Islands..Watercolor..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

Today’s journal entry is of the Greek Islands. I took a cruise around the islands with my dearest artist pals a few years ago, great fun!

This image is from the island of Myconos, an island I had been to before, but still remains a favorite of mine.

I used my larger 8” x 10” Stillman Birn journal for this one.

Rae teaches workshops in both the USA and Europe. For more info, please contact her through this blog or her website.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Journal Entry Southwest France..Watercolor..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

This journal entry is of  Saint Cirq Lapopie while I was teaching at Le Vieux Couvent this past May. A fascinating medieval cliff side village 300 feet above the River Lot.

We had a wonderful day trip to this village, shopping and meandering through the winding little streets, just full of charming stores and restaurants.

I did not manage to paint there, but did take lots of photos which is where this study came from.

I will be teaching again at Le Vieux Couvent in July 2019.

It’s a wonderful place to stay and expose yourself to the peace and charm of the Southwest France region.

If you want more info please contact me through this blog, of my website 

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