Friday, April 10, 2015

A couple of inside pages

It is a 11"x 13" hardcover coffee table book for the pastel artist who wants to learn some different and challenging techniques which I have discovered on my own journey.

I have included 15 step by step demonstrations and many photos of my own archived works.

I was really pleased with the end result with this book, I hope you all will be as well.

My latest book is finished!! FINALLY!

This is my latest book finally published with Blurb. This time it's for the pastel artist who is either a novice or an advanced pastellist.

Just go to, then type in Rae Andrews in the search engine.
This takes you to my pages of the books I have published including this latest one.
Here you can view a 15 page  preview of  PASTEL PAINTING and the ART OF MOVEMENT and DRAMA.

Take a look.. If you are interested in buying you can buy directly through the BLURB site..
$65.00 plus S/H

Spring Splash

Again with the wet into wet technique. I hope you are not sick of these little guys, I just love painting them, but this is the last one for today at least.
This is a pure watercolor unframed 6.5" x 14"
$150 plus S/H

Roses Are Red

Roses are not difficult to paint if you break the shapes down and diffuse hard edges. That is to say if you are painting in this wet into wet method.

I did not pre-draw anything, but was deliberate in my brush strokes allowing some whites to still play on the surface.

Very little has to be explained when painting this flower, which by the way is made up. It by no means is a botanical study of a red rose. So for all those photo realistic artists out there I apologize.

The negative painting in shades of green were added mostly while the flower itself was also wet. I did enhance leaf-like shapes later in a wet into dry method.

This is pure watercolor painting 6.5" x 9.5" unframed.
$100 plus S/H

Stand Tall

This one was great fun to paint.
I predrew with WATER first, letting my paint run into the watered areas.
No thoughts were planned on what flower I wanted. Just allowing the paint to make my shapes was interesting.
As mentioned before, keeping the whites is important, so in not wetting the whole papge, my paint did not travel all over the place. Fun stuff!
This is a 7.5" x 14" watercolor unframed.
$150 plus S/H

Spring Fling

As with my previous post, this is a WET INTO WET watercolor.

These are imaginary flowers, just made up as the piece progressed. So let's just call them 'Rae Andrews flowers'..

The process was the same as the prior image, no pre drawing, just wetting the paper, allowing the paint to flow, however retaining the whites. That's the hard part.

Minimal touches are made to the painting with negative painting to bring it to life.
This is a pure watercolor 7.25" x 14" unframed

$150 plus S/H

Golden Bow

I guess I am not truly what is termed a 'FLORAL ARTIST' per se.

I do like the freedom and being loose with my watercolors when I tackle this subject. There is NO DRAWING  of this subject first, the artist just has to LET GO and HAVE FUN.

As I am about to teach a WET INTO WET  workshop with FLORALS as the subject, so thought I would 'brush up' (excuse the pun) on my watercolors.

The hard part about wet into wet technique is that paint can get way from you.

It's very easy to lose the whites, which as you know are very important to this artist.

I find with my style of painting, it's best not to overdo realism, just play with the paint and allow it to make the shapes.

The rest is brought together with minimal negative painting.

I will post several samples of this style and subject.
Thanks for visiting my site. :)))

This is a 6.5" x 14" unframed watercolor
$150 plus S/H