Monday, December 2, 2019

Myconos Harbor Fun..Watercolor..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

I just finished this sketch and the steps are now posted on YouTube on my channel.

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I am having great fun with these Urban Sketches and have been asked a lot about the process, so here is a short video for you all.

This image is on Fabriano Hot Press Watercolor Paper 

It measures 11.5” x 16”

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Rae teaches workshops in Europe and the USA..
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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Saint Martin De Vers..Watercolor..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

Still having fun with these sketches.

It seems to suit my love of drawing and color.

This one is a small village in Southwest France, called Saint Martin De Vers, I visited while teaching at Le Vieux Couvent.

The houses did actually look all crooked and tumbling down, although I have embellished that’s fact in my drawings.

I used my Tombow gray markets to establish my values first and then used my watercolors ..I find this a really fun way to get these sketches started.

I embellish with permanent markers later, getting all my details and implied textures in place.

This image is 11” x 14” and is on Fabriano Hot Press paper.

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Friday, November 1, 2019

Little town scene..watercolor..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

Another town out of imagination. Still playing with the Tombow gray markers first. It helps to get my values in before I do the watercolor.
This one is 8” x 10” and is watercolor on Arches CP paper

Watercolor Sketch ..Town Center..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

I was trying for deliberate distortion here. Just to make it more fun.still not quite there.
This is done on Arches CP paper and is 8” x 8” in size.
I made the scene up, still experimenting with my Tombow watercolor gray scale markers first to get my values in, then I use watercolor with a brush.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Just for Fun! ..Watercolor..Texas artist...Rae Andrews

This one is following suit with the distorted village effect. I had so much fun with the process, I hope I didn’t get carried away.

The scene is made up. 

Watercolor and Tombow Watercolor  Ink markers.. 

Image size is 8” x 8”
Surface is Arches Cold Press Paper..

Comares, Spain..Watercolor..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

With this sketch I began to use deliberate distortion with the houses. What fun!
The technique of establishing my gray values first are as I have used before in the previous posts,  with my Tombow gray markers. 

Watercolor is then used, and I embellish the final result with as much or as little linear details as I feel necessary. 

I hope you are enjoying these sketches. The process is great for plein air paintings.

Image size is 11” x 14” 
Surface is Fabriano Hot Press paper

Little Mountain Village, Spain..Watercolor..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

Hi everyone, I thought I would post another of these small watercolor sketches. I am loving doing them.
Especially  for outdoor sketching. Quick and effective.

After a recent trip to Spain I saw this magical mountain town simply full of little stone houses and white dwellings.. typically Spanish, I just had to draw them.
After a pencil sketch, I began this with Tombow gray watercolor ink markers, just establishing my gray values first.

Then I used my watercolor to brighten the image before I began more refined outlines in Pitt permanent marker and my Tombow black and gray markers.

I could spend hours on the details, I love to embellish drawings, and this technique keeps me occupied and happy ..

This image is 11” x 14” and is on Fabriano Hot Press Paper..