Sunday, August 29, 2010

Roses Are Getting Leggy, Need trimming

I had to do this one, just the legs and still capture the essence of the people. These are all artist pals here in Austin, although they might not be after seeing this painting. LOL.
We had the opportunity to go to another artist friend's garden a few weeks ago, (than you Nancy). It was lovely to see all her landscaping, and of course, yours truly, was intrigued with the stances of everyone while admiting the flowers.
Great fun, and I have lots of reference so you might just see your butt on this blog in days to come.


Jo Castillo said...

These are just too cute and wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I think I recognize the middle one.

Vicki Brevell said...

Well, I definitely recognize the one on the left. David recognized it too. (Think he cheated because he knew the outfit - ha.) FUN!! Should I say "thanks for the memories?"
V said...

Kathy Gray comments via e/mail:

This is awesome. Remind me to never paint with you. :-) said...

Hmm, well I do think that t'shirt is very distinctive Vic, & I am glad you are still talking to me though.
Rae said...

Maybe when we see eachother Jo, you can tell me who you think it is in the middle. I know you know the other two though, keeps you guessing huh? said...

Britta Herzog writes via e/mail:

Oh Dear!! We will have to watch when you are around to see if you are going to be taking photos of our butts.