Sunday, August 8, 2010

Scarlet and O'Hara

These birds are truly so magnificent, they almost looked photo corrected.
I took the reference photos a few years ago in the Dallas Ft Worth Zoo.

I love the colors of these gorgeous creatures, and their antics. I can watch them for hours.

Some of you might know I own a macaw, a blue and gold, and she is the delight as well as the bane of my life.
It is said that she will never get out of the 'terrible twos' in her lifetime, lucky me!

However, all that aside, God certainly knew how to attract the artist in me with these birds. They are a perfect subject for this velour paper.

6 comments: said...

Janine Martens writes:

Beautiful ! Even the background is great.


Artist said...

beautiful vibrant colors! i love painting them myself!

pat said...

I love Scarlet and O'Hara.
They bring a smile to my face!
So cheerful.
pat said...

Thanks guys, they are vibrant and I so love their colors.

Nancy Medina said...

Rae this is stunning. Your work vibrates with life, movement and color. Just lovely! said...

Thanks Nancy, I can say the same about your own work too.
Mutual admiration huh?