Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ah, Breakfast At Last...SOLD!

This beautifully colored horse was eating at the side of the road in Galveston only months prior to Katrina.
I loved the play of the blue bucket with his colors.

The horses were part of the tours they do for tourists in carriages. I am happy to say after Katrina, they all survived okay.

He took no notice of me snapping photos, breakfast was high on his priority. LOL


Susan Roux said...

Great painting! said...

Kathy Gray comments vis e/mail:

You continue to amaze me. This is another awesome painting! My 9 yr old grandson said, "Dang! How does anyone paint that good? {pause) But it's not quite as good as yours." Loyal to the end! said...

How cute is that, he has good taste though Kathy (LOL), and he is obviously very proud of his artist granny. I am in good company.