Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cascade ( the process )

As with the image posted prior to this one, I have done a step by step on this one as well.

{Cascade} began with a series of abstract marks, in many colors, some overlay the others, to give soft nuences of color changes.

I draw my image of a rocks and tumbling water over these marks, some will be used to accent elements, some will have to be subdued as the painting progresses.

I know my colors are wild to say the least, however I would rather start with a colorful base, to give my painting impact.

When one drags a pastel over another, (eg. mauve over yellow) the immediate subtle changes are visible, I rely on this even in this early stage.

Gradually I use negative painting to get the rocks to come into focus, then I tackle the water, attempting to get the feeling of the tumbling waterfall.

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