Friday, June 17, 2011

Villa Patio, France

Here is a preliminary pastel I did one morning, while the others were in town sketching and painting. I was starting to get my cold at this time, and thought I would stay home, get some rest.

Anyway, this is how I did that, a relaxing morning pasteling. Very enjoyable.

This house was set out so that the main house (with three large bedrooms suites and 4 bathrooms) was seperated from this walkway to two other bedrooms and two bathrooms, very private.

The whole layout was extremely private for all 9 of us staying there, we all met in the kitchen every morning and in the evening we would congregate in the living room, for cocktails and just good fun! Of course our days were spent running around, we crammed a lot of painting and sightseeing into the 2.5 weeks we had there.

A wonderful time was had by all, even by the sickly ones like me.. ;(

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Janine M. comments via e/mail:

I love this Rae. You captured the beauty.

Janine said...

Well I tried at least, this villa was a lovely place to stay, I don't think I quite gave it justice just the same, but thanks Janine.