Friday, May 24, 2013

After The Rains

 One of my all time favorite things to paint is water, in any form.

Staying true to my objective of keeping the whites on my paper, water which is falling and tumbling over rocks is tricky, but great fun to do.

I just 'go with the flow' excuse the pun.  Allow the paint and water to do a lot of the work, try not to manipulate the areas portraying the water too much, relax, and yes, 'go with the flow'.

With this subject matter, it is defintely what you leave out which is important.

I 'bounced from a photo I took on Maui, however this painting changed a lot from the photo, the paint itself will go in many directions during the process and I am very happy to let it take its own path.

I tell students all the time, photos are great for a 'bounce', but be careful about copying verbatum.

This is a watercolor on Arches paper 14 x 20" (unframed)

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