Saturday, June 22, 2013


Frivolity began as a demo last week for a small lass in my studio.

I had no idea what the paper is, but it was a full sheet, very rough surface and a buff color, not pristine white.

I just grabbed it for my demo from my drawer of papers, always a lucky dip (surprise) with my materials.

The exercise began as a loose lay in of paint, wet into wet. Oh, and I worked on this one upright on an easel, hence the droozles and run marks on the paper. Kind of fun working out how to make them fit into the composition.

After the paint settled, I drew the floral composition into and between the marks. This makes for a lost and found subject matter, a tecghnique I favor in watercolor.

After the flowers were established, I found I wanted to place geometry into this one, with a back panel.

I am always telling students that one must learn rules, however, they should not be hard and fast, and cemented into every painting we do.
They may be broken at times.

The back (almost central panel) could seem like a dangerous addition for many artists.

For balance of this panel, I decided to make one of the run marks in the lower right area, a stalk, with leaves coming off it.

It's all about design, the see saw effect, the addage that "balance is imbalance" in painting.

I hope you agree.

This is a full sheet of watercolor paper  22" x 30"

Inquiries and comments are very welcome.
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