Monday, July 15, 2013

Day Two of Dreama's workshop

This one was done on day two.
In the workshop I did make my own small changes though (steps, path, pots), I don't like painting what everyone is painting, bad Rae!

Again I am not selling this one either, it is a workshop piece, but I hope you like it.
I will post more of my OWN images soon..

12 x 12" oil on gesso panel

July 23rd..
The top one is the one I thought I finished in class, but I worked further on this a week later adding my own spotted sunlight dabs, I like the second version much better. Subtle differences seems to pick the image up.

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Sue W. comments via email:
I like this one especially! I can't tell much difference from your "Dreama's" work and what you usually do, although palette here may be a bit more varied. ?? But you're usually loose and juicy and colorful. Did you get lots of good marketing tips, I think that's what you said you were looking for, as well?