Sunday, August 11, 2013

Flotsam and Jetsam. SOLD!

I know, don't even ask!

I am not sure why I put myself through this type of painting. Intriguing, yes, but oh the angst!

I began as with a lot of my art, using Sketch club on my IPad.

First I threw some liquid acrylics onto the white canvas (see the image below) , the shape spread horizontally from right to left, leaving a lot of white canvas.
So, what on earth does one do with this?

 Well after much thought and a few glasses of vino, I decided to not take the  easy way out and turn the canvas to a vertical, to me a large tree could be made from that paint splash.

Instead I kept the canvas in a horizontal state, and took a photo, put it on my IPad into Sketch Club and superimposed two of my landscape photos over the top on different layers.
Now I began to see the merit in this puzzle..(I thought).

I erased section of each of the layers on the Ipad, and  kept some of the photos showing through on each, and my paint splashes semi visable as well on the lower layer. When I was satisfied I could follow the 'PLOT'  I began to actually paint onto my canvas, section by section, using my Ipad sketch as a guide.
About halfway through I wondered about my sanity. 

So here it is and I am still not sure I am finished with it, but I am so ready to begin something a lot simpler.

Oh, I might add this side note as well. Many years ago while living in Australia, I followed a wonderful abstract artist by the name of Reinis Zusters. I used to love his work. While doing this painting I reminded myself of this artist so went into my book library to find a wonderful portfolio book of his I have had since the 1970's.

Low and behold, poor old Zusters died in 1999, I am so glad I still have this book of his.

My work is TAME compared to his, but this painting above sure echoes his work, look him up, mainly his close focus trees etc and landscapes are very Jackson Pollock, all texture and busy, busy,busy.
This original acrylic on gallery wrap canvas (16 x 40")is
$600 plus s/h.

Prints of this image my be purchased at Fine Art America:

2 comments: said...

Sue W. comments via email:
VERY interesting piece! I can almost smell the salt tang in the air and hear the gulls crying as they wheel overhead! I never would have guessed the genesis of this one. 'Nother fine "mess" you've gotten yourself into, good job! XoxoSue said...

Janine M. Comments via email:

Interesting evolution in your description of the process. I looked at his work and some of it is appealing to me. A good reason to never throw a canvas away. Heck, just paint over it. Some of his works look very thickly painted.