Thursday, February 27, 2014

Smudge (The Cat)

Okay, get ready for a barrage of pet portraits! Not really, but I loved doing GOLDIE so much, thought I would do at least a couple more.

Smudge (the cat) is along the same vein as GOLDIE, loose and marginally out of focus, to stop me doing too much  detail.

I really like the play of light in these portraits.. I have a few photos I can tweak in Sketch Club on the IPad, to get the contrast more accented before I transfer my drawing to the paper., it helps.

I had fun with this technique (done in pastel on velour paper) ..You mostly all know I like a LOOSE  approach, but these last two portraits seem even looser for me...I think. :))

This is 9 x 11" unframed pastel on velour paper.
$250 plus S/H

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