Sunday, March 30, 2014

Changing an image

The above image was the very first attempt. 

You all might recall this image I posted a little while ago.. It went through some early changes then as well and I liked it for the most part...however messing around in my studio today I decided to change things a little more. 
I was worried about the lopsided foreground, the clumps of the grasses on one side and the fence posts going into a corner, just looked wrong to my eye. So like it or not, I started to change things on it.
My first thing to do was to change the grass clump on the left side, to detract for the angle the fence posts were making the eye go to.
My pet peeve is taking things into a corner, and here I did it!!!Grrr!
I then tried to work on the right side a little, reducing some of my whites. Remember it is easy enough to take the whites out in watercolor, but not so easy in reverse. This is why I like to leave a lot of whites in the first place.
Here is the finished painting. I actually placed a light blue wash in the sky. Glazed some lemon yellow into the bush in front of the first cottage and on the roof of the first cottage, also some orange and earthy greens into the white bushy areas at the right of the painting.
I then worked a little magenta into the back right treeline and gave a little more 'punch' to the magenta trees on the left background trees as well.
Finishing touches were just to pop some Lemon Yellow and a little Cerulean Blue wet into dry, into a couple of white fragmented areas in the foreground to tie it all in.
All small adjustments, but I do feel less conflicted about this painting now. :)) At least for today..
I know I could play a bit longer witht his one, but it's time for coffee..
Hope you enjoyed this small tutorial..

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Sue W. Comments via email:

While I liked the first "finished" version quite well, this is worlds better! Great job on the tutorial, too! Xox