Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Country Living

Well here is the finished result, I am not sure which I prefer, the fence is a little close to the lower corner, a pet peeve of mine, however this version does include the foreground more, so that part pleases me.

20 x 14" unframed watercolor.
$300  Plus S/H

Prints are also available through Fine Art America:


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Sue W. Comments via email:

Lovely! Other than leaning the closest fence post more into the middle, you couldn't have done anything to eliminate the fence being close to the lower corner. Would have looked odd not to have it continue on down. Anyway, it's not at all distracting, you're just a perfectionist! It's just a beautiful painting, as usual! And, BTW, it looks somehow Australian? Even though I have no idea of what Oz looks like other than from your paintings and Hazel's... Maybe the shape of the houses? as well as the purple trees- jacarandas?