Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Great news!! I won FIRST place!

Hi everyone, for some reason I just could not remember to post this great news on my blog.I heard about it last month, darn this old age!!
Anyway,  today's the day.:))

I won a FIRST place in the ARTIST'S SHOWDOWN competition with Contemporary Fine Art International (CFAI)

Take a look at the ARTIST INTERVIEW  http://www.cfai.co/#!colors-on-my-palette-interview/cy2z

which was a part of my award.

On top of several other wonderful przes I  am to have a great MARKETING  lesson with Kimberly Conrad (an invaluable prize for me), thanks Kimberly I am looking forward to it.

This is the prize winning painting. You might recall when I did this one, it was not long ago.

The competition was on SEASCAPES.

1 comment:

Dean H. said...

Wow, Rae!! A big congratulation!!
That painting is a knockout!