Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bamboo Patterns...A Watercolor Beginning and Pastel Pencil Overlay

I had the very wonderful pleasure of attending a pastel demo done by Jeannette Cuevas a few weeks ago.
Jeannette is known for her pastels on watercolor cold press paper.

In the past I have never had any luck with this technique and gave it up, thinking I should stick to what I know. :((

I HATE to fail at anything, so decided using Jeannette's demo as inspiration, that I would give the technique another try.
My painting is by no means anything by comparison to Jeannette's wonderful pastels, but I tried, and will keep on plodding.

I used a watercolor base on Arches Cold Press Paper, lots of negative painting to get some shapes to appear.

 The next post will show you how this painting ended , I hope you enjoy this one..

It was fun for me, but very tedious just the same.

I must mention that Jeannette uses hard pastels, not so much pastel pencils. I have not quite mastered that yet, so mine is all pastel pencil overlays.

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