Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Student works and mug shots in Spain!

All in all, a fun time for our Costa Brava workshop. Each student worked at their own pace, some concentrated on short exercises, others were more into attempting a completed plein air painting.Here are a few shots of the students and their works.
Diligent students Vicki and Mary work on their pieces at Pals Costa Brava.
Directly below  are some of Vicki's paintings.

Below, Ed paints in the SUN in Pals!!! Bad Ed!!  His works, Sue's and Mary's are below. 

Vicki and Sue paint in the botanical gardens

Sue's and Mary's pieces top row
Ed's masterpieces lower row

Below..Diane sets up and ponders her next masterpiece.

                                                                   Diane's paintings

The lovely lady in yellow is Natalia our guide, she also painted sometimes, great fun to be with and a perfect guide for our group!
                                                                      Janet paints in Pals
Nancy in Pals

Nancy's work top area, Janet's work bottom area.


Anna Lisa Leal said...

Looks like great fun!!!! Maybe I can go on the next one! :)

Rae Andrews, Contemporary Texas Artist in all media said...

You would love it Anna Lisa.
Not sure wher the next trip will be, but French Escapade truly loo after us no matter which country we go to.