Saturday, July 15, 2017

Memories of Venice..Pastel..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

I did this pastel quite a while ago, when testing out Canson Touch paper. My decision on this surface is still not cemented in stone, but I know for this painting at least, I did not love it!

There is very little 'tooth' on this surface and I am heavy handed with my pastel application, so problems arose right from the start. It's very easy to overwork the art on this surface so be warned,  have a light touch!

Today I dragged the image out of the file drawer and thought I would try and resurrect it a little.
I liked the concept, that semi-abstract view Venice is so famous for, reflections and angles... however, parts of this image really bothered me.

I am sort of happy with it now, but....
Maybe I will try it again on a different substrate, there's an idea.

Oh, I think if my memory serves me, I did use a few of my photos here for reference, and made a sort of 'jumbled' abstract from them.

Today, I just jumped in and enhanced what I had.

                                       This image is 18.5" x 26" unframed..
                                                              $350 plus S/H

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