Thursday, October 19, 2017

Neptune's Court..Watermedia..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

NEPTUNE'S COURT began in a recent abstract workshop I took with Mary Ann Beckwith.

Lots of paint flying everywhere, textures and creativity.

I had just a big sheet of this Yupo (manufactured paper) covered in implied textures, very pretty, but now what?

The paint always GLOWS on Yupo, and yes, this is mostly WATERCOLOR with some acrylic GESSO over parts, NO INK is used, although I bet some of you thought I had used INK..

I love a challenge.

Pretty as my start was with patterns made by stamping objects or cloth into and over paint, I feel we as artists, should not rely on that alone. It's a trap.. and many artists deem a painting finished before they truly have done much of their own 'pulling together'.

The challenge is making A PAINTING out of all of this lusciousness.

For days now I have gone back and forth with this, breaking objects into the patterns I made, losing and diminishing the importance of my implied textures, to make my AQUATIC shapes evolve.

It takes a LOT of thought, and I constantly turned this around to show all angles before I decided on this vertical format. The painting actually works okay with most angles though.

                                                    I hope you like my result.

                                            This image is 21.5" x 30" unframed

                                                               $550 plus S/H

            Prints of this image can also be purchased through Fine Art America:

Rae works and teaches in all mediums.. please contact her through her website at:


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