Thursday, December 14, 2017

Ethereal Dance..Pastel..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

I think if I were to describe my technique in any medium I use, on the whole, it would be OVERLAPPING and LAYERING .

With pastels this is, at times difficult, as it's an opaque medium; however one just has to use a light touch to get those underneath nuances to show through.

I began this with a totally abstract colorful start. I did not know what I would end up with. I just went with the flow.

The substrate is a red earth colored Sennelier paper.

I began with this..

I switched the image around in several directions, and kept doing that as the image progressed.

I have a large shell collection and thought I would go with that as a subject.

Over the top of my abstract beginnings, I drew some of my shells to intersect and overlap.
Now the fun begins!

I like to work in a  NEGATIVE PAINTING  technique with most all of my work, and the shells developed in much the same way.

Don't let anyone ever tell you that ABSTRACTS are easy, ("my child could do better".. 
Now where have I heard this before?

In fact, I think ABSTRACTS are the hardest .

The artist must rely on their sense of design and truly immerse themselves from the heart.

I hope you like how this one turned out.

This image is 9.5" x 25'5" unframed

$300 plus S/H

Prints  are also available through my Fine Art America site:

Rae works and teaches in all mediums.. please contact her through her website at:


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