Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Springbrook Dynamic..Pastel..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

This landscape is dear to my heart.
It an image in pastels on Sennelier sanded paper (unframed)
$400 plus S/H

A few years ago my dear old  92 year Australian aunt Hazel  (Johnson) passed. She was the other professional artist in my family and somebody I admired greatly.

She loved the Springbrook Mountain area of Queensland in Australia, and always wanted her ashes scattered there.
So off a few family members went with her ashes in hand and we bid her farewell in this gorgeous national park.

I took the photo (below) and embellished the colors in Photoshop, as I don't love greens per se..

Even though the Aussie greens are way more earthy than our greens here in America, I still felt a need to vamp the photo before tackling it in pastels.

I often do this with my photos, just using HUE SATURATION and slide the options till you get a great color change. You might try it.

Original photo with embellished colors

This image is also available in prints through Fine Art America:

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