Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Love These Colors!

This fellow artist was at another artist friend's show in Round Rock. She was actually posing and being a bit goofy, but I loved her jacket and the way she had her hands in her pockets.

I sketched in the figure in pastel pencils last night, way too tedious for the whole painting, it takes too long for me. So this morning I nudged it with soft chalk pastels, and it came to fruition much quicker.
I find I get very bored with paintings that take me too long. How about you?


Jo Castillo said...

That is so true! I get bored very quickly and loose interest in the painting. I also don't think my paintings improve when I keep going back either. They get overdone.

This is a cute and fun painting. said...

Artque has left a new comment on your post "Drama Queens":

I just found this...............very funny. You could have made me slimmer. I'm going to put it on our blog. THE SUE