Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jackson 2. SOLD!

Okay I know this is very similar to the last post, but as I said, that first one was a practice. In this one he has a smile on his face and I decided to do it closer to the viewer.
Both the Jackson portraits are now in the hands of Courtney and her family, it was a pleasure to do these for a very dear friend.
Thanks Courtney and thanks to Jackson as well.


Dean H. said...

I liked the first/practice one, Rae...but the crop on this one is excellent...I seem to usually go for the close up. I like that smile too.

Courtney will have to love it.

cabap said...

wonderful job dear Rae,
jan :) said...

Thanks Guys, for your comments, I think it funny that we artists seem to work in groups of genres, my figures came first, now the animals, what next?
I am so enjoying the animals though, and your animals (also) Dean, they are wonderful!
Rae said...

Kathy comments via e/mail:

Really great job
I think I really see his smile:)


Vicki Brevell said...

Jackson is just adorable. Courtney will treasure this painting for the rest of her life. Great job.
Vic said...

Thanks so much Vicki, he is a lovely old dog and it was a pleasure to be able to do this for Courtney.