Monday, October 4, 2010

Jackson SOLD!

Meet Jackson, he is a commission (practice) for a friend, the actual painting is to come, hope you love him Courtney.
Jackson is now 14 and his legs won't get him places as fast or as steadily as they used to, I know the feeling.
He is a Schnauzer and a sweetie. He sat very still for me to photograph, on his blue bed in the sun..


Jo Castillo said...

Awwww, very nice. said...

Courtney commented on this image via e/mail:

Rae, that's just HIM, it's Jackson. I almost want to talk to him! He's a fox terrier, actually, though related to schnauzers - they are usually grey. He used to have very distinct black and brown markings, but he followed my example and turned white. The marking on his back looked exactly like the club, on a deck of cards, and his face was very reddish brown - so different. But you got his expression so perfectly, looking a little like a curmudgeon because he's old and stiff. But wise, too, don't you think? Obviously, I'm nuts about him.

Courtney said...

Thanks girls, Courtney I am sorry for the confusion on the breed of dog Jackson is, he looked for all the world like a Schnauzer to me, I stand corrected.
I am so glad you love the image, let's hope the actual portrait will be as captivating, remember this one is a runner up.

Nancy Medina said...

Oh my Rae, if this is practice I can hardly wait to see what the final looks like. Absolutely marvelous! Love your beach painting on the Texas painters site. What a delight.
big hugs to you! said...

Thanks Nancy,I am so happy you like my pastels, they are great fun to do. Jackson (one and two) went to my client this morning, and I think she loved both of the paintings.
Poor old Jackson is a pretty old fella now, and I know his mommy is thinking of that fact, hopefully she will get great pleasure out of these paintings for years to come.