Thursday, November 18, 2010

Alaska Gold

These beautiful horses are in the town of Ketchikan Alaska. I knew the title of this painting before I painted this one, the gold of the horses and the fact that Alaska gold is everywhere (tourist trinkets gold that is).

I did this one on velour paper in pastels, and it took an amazing amount of very exact drawing, even for me, who is a drawing fanatic.

I had to do a larger scale of my photo (which I gridded) then transfer it to the paper, and on velour this is very tricky.

Anyway, I finished it, even with this darn tennis elbow, which is very sore again after this painting :(

Incidentally, that is why I have been AWOL, I just had to rest this elbow.
Forgive me. I hope I can get back to producing more paintings very soon.

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John left this e/mail comment:

Dear Ms. Andrews, my name is John Holt and I own Ketchikan's Horse Drawn Trolley tour. Yesterday, a friend emailed a link to a site having something to do with Artists of Texas, and the site featured your painting "Alaska Gold". I just wanted you to know that I was so pleased to see it. It beautiful! We're fortunate to have 12 Belgian draft horse like those in your painting, and 6 Percherons which a little larger and black. Good luck to you and warm wishes,

John said...

Thanks so much for getting in touch with me John, and what a small world it is huh?

I just loved those horses, I could have watched them all day. It was such a treat to get some pretty decent photos of them.

I know I will paint more of your beautiful animals, you can bet on it!