Sunday, January 30, 2011

Horse design for stained glass SOLD!

Although this was done a few years ago, I thought you might like to see the progression of this piece.
I was asked to do designs for a stained galss company and amongst other subjects, horses of course were a popular choice for clients.
This piece was designed completely in Photoshop, yes, drawing it and colors included. I use a tablet to draw my designs, with a pen tool, it is so much easier to get total exactness, and this stained glass company needed me to connect each seperate piece of the glass, nothing was to be left hanging like a thread. It was like a huge jigsaw and a was a great challenge.
The design was for a huge transom window measuring 6 foot by 5 foot and the clients had not at this time picked the colors they prefered, so I did a more tonal version for them to see.

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Courtney B. comments via e/mail:

You are truly amazing, Rae. Just amazing. I didn't know one person could be so talented.

Courtney said...

Sue W. comments via e/mail:

Wow, very impressive! I've done "stained glass" in cellophane paper and know how hard it is to connect everything in a meaningful way!