Thursday, January 20, 2011

Whiter Shade of Pale

Okay, I know I have done one so similar to this with a golden horse and a blue bucket..see an earlier post for that one.
This is not actually from my own photo, my other one was.
However when I saw this shot on Wet Canvas's photo reference archive, I had to paint it.
I did change a few little things, like the color of the bucket and I made the fence come across the horse at the top for design purposes, but essentially I could not show this one in a competition, because it is from another person's photo... oh well..
I still loved doing it.
It is on that rich burgundy suede matboard again, love the stuff, have only one small piece left in that color :(
Oh woe!!

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Kathy G. comments via e/mail:

I can't decide if I should be jealous of your gift, or happy for you. Okay, I'll go with happy for you! said...

Britta H. comments via e/mail:

Beautiful Rae!!! You know they don't carry that suede board in the store here. Did you order it? said...

Thanks girls, and in answer to your question re my supply of boards Britta, I got the last lot for free (from Jerry's) just offcuts, but I have used them all.

Just ask your framer, they may just have some old bits od the suede matboard laying around, and maybe with a bit of persuasion, and a smile of course, they will give them to you.
Good luck. said...

Jill C. comments via e/mail:

This is beautiful, you have such a way with animals.

I loved the rooster one too – could almost see them strutting around with their chests held high!! Pompous creatures are they!!!

Luv ya xox said...

Sue W. comments via e/mail:

Mmmm, gorgeous color palette, as usual, and I love the light on his face.

Jo Castillo said...

Lovely colors and gesture. Sweet! as my son says.

Amit Kapoor said...

Beautiful work. Lovely colours said...

Janine M. comments via e/mail:

This is great ! again……..


hmuxo said...

Rae, this painting is amazing!! As your Rooster as well. Roosters are one of my favorite with their wonderful colors. I've had so much trouble getting suede matboard..I'm going to try on-line..I went to Blick's and the girls there look at me like I have two heads! Again, your work is beautiful. said...

Thankyou Hilda for your comment on this one.
FYI, I get my matboard from my framer, you will have to ask yours if they would order some in for you or if they have offcuts. They are usually pretty good about either giving you the offcuts or selling them for a nominal cost.
You can buy the who;le board for around $35 I believe, depending on the suppliers. Then just cut it to the sizes you want, or get the framer to do this. Trouble is, it will all be the same color that way. :(
Good luck.