Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Can't See The Forest For The Trees

I am still not sure I have finished this one, but I am going to post it anyway, get feedback.

It has gone through many changes. What was in my head is partly portrayed, but it changed along the way of course, we artists know how that goes. I did not have any trees to fit what I had in mind in my archives, so I made it up.

I love David Voigt's work, an Aussie artist who while I lived in Oz back in the late 90's, was doing sectional landscapes, divided with geometry.

I also did this for a long while in my watercolors, Rae's way of course, but he was the master I emulated. He also went to my college a few years before I did. Neat huh?

My tree painting was also an attempt to try this technique again, and it sure made me crazy with so many verticals. A semi abstraction if you will, not quite a full blown one though.

The difficult part is knowing when to stop adding and subtracting parts, one could go on and on, and as I said, this make the poor artist (ME) crazy!

So here is it in all it's glory, I would love comments please.


Vicki Brevell said...

DON'T TOUCH IT!! It's beautiful just as it is. You achieved the result I wanted to get many months ago when I screwed up my tree painting. Ha


raeandrewsgallery.blogspot.com said...

Thanks Vic, it sure was challenging though..all that red..

I am still not convinced it's a done deal, but I will wait a while and see how I feel after looking at it for a week.. hee hee.

or maybe in the dark, I am sure it will GLOW! Ha!!

raeandrewsgallery.blogspot.com said...

Janine M. comments via e/mail:

Rae - I think it’s wonderful and it sure looks finished to me. Love it !


Tonya Vollertsen said...

I agree, I think you could leave it just as it is. It's gorgeous! I love the colors and the stylization of the trees and leaves.

Nancy Tate, Winnsboro, Tx said...

Rae - I love this painting... in fact I had it on my new laptop as a screen saver (in tiles). It is similar to what I like to do, but SO much better. Just getting a handle on this pastel business. You are a true inspiration. Nancy Tate, Winnsboro, Tx, new member

raeandrewsgallery.blogspot.com said...

Wow I am flattered Nancy, thanks so much.
I am thrilled you are inspired by my art, that is all so rewarding to hear.
Happy painting