Thursday, June 16, 2011

Old Fishing Boat, Cassis France

Cassis is a wonderful place for any artist, I love boats and reflections, so you can rely on the fact that these will be a feature on my blog in the near future.

This is another pastel on velour suede board.

Actually one of the ladies had a great idea when we were carting our pastels, shoved in our suitcases for the plane trip back home.

We took some of the plastic clear bags one displays prints in and other artwork, usually not pastels and used them to protect our clothes etc from the pastel dust.

They work for the transporting of the pastel, I would not recommend it as a way to store them in general though, at least not with velour or suede paper. The bags get a lot of the pastel image on the inside of them.

Still it worked marvelously for the transporting home on the plane, and for the most part, the pastels paintings were all fine, thanks Char.

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