Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Here Kitty Kitty

I know, it's another kitty picture, but what a cutie!

I actually did not take this photo, I was exploring the Wet Canvas site and found it in the reference photos. I had a very small scrap of paper one night and decided to sketch it out, another pastel on velour paper.

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Kathy G. comments via e/mail:


What a precious kitty! I look forward to seeing other paintings from your trip, even though your memory card got filled said...

Britta H. comments via e/mail:

Hi Rae,
You must be feeling better. I hope!!! Yes, this is a beautiful kitty.

xoxox said...

Janine M. comments via e/mail:

Wonderful ! I’m so happy you are back to normal. What a long ordeal on top of a wonderful experience. Missed your posts while you were gone.


Janine said...

And I missed getting onto my blog believe me, and to not be able to paint is like losing breath.
I hope to get this blog more interesting as my arm improves, right now, still suffering with tendonitis. AAAGHHHH!

Thanks everyone for your comments, it means a great deal to me.