Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Maui Girls

Well I am now back home after a wonderful 10 days on Maui with some very special art friends.

We did just about everything possible on the island, I know the girls were all worn out, but I think very happy.

I wanted to show off the island with all the non touristy areas as well as some better known tourist places.

We stayed in a condo on Maalaea bay, right on the ocean, it was marvelous!

I think we will all want to return to Maui, I know I do.
I miss 'my island' so much. :((........ Maui No Ka Oi (Maui is the best)

I even found one of my galleries is up for rent again, hmmm, tempting..

Anyway, here we all are in Lahaina, with the colorful birds, what fun..even though one tried to eat Lynda's ear (the gal on the bottom right.)

I hope to get back into my painting soon, however another overseas trip is coming up on April 29th, this time to Costa del Sol Spain.

What a jet setter I am huh?


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