Friday, May 17, 2013

In The Woods

This will be the last one of the day, I am pooped.

I just made this up, but was floored to see I chose almost the same design format as the last post I did of trees.weird, it was not intentional.

That diagonal thrust with an area coming away from it in the foreground just excites me, and the high horizon level, always love that drama!

I am for the most part, an intuitive artist, I just let the design and colors come out of the brush, it is often a surprise to see my results.

Anyway, I do like this one, on many levels. The colors all work, the design is okay, and I managed to keep my whites, which I feel is the most important factor for a watercolorist.

This one is 14 x 20" unframed.

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Janine M. Comments via email

You Nailed It ! Reads like a dream......and yes...those colors are working big time.