Monday, May 27, 2013

Slippery When Wet

I'm back again, did you miss me?  :)) I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful Memorial Day.

So here is yet another waterfall scene from the Iao Valley on Maui.

The trick with water is to leave out information, be playful, not too realistic, one can go mad being too exact. Especially with water!

I like to flick my paint onto the surface, no pre-wetting for these subjects, the paint will just get away from you.

So it's all wet into dry technique.

I did lightly sketch the subject out with a 3B pencil, just a few directional lines, to give me a plan to kind of work to.

A fun one to do, makes me smile.

This is a watercolor on Arches paper, 14 x 20" (unframed)

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Love it! said...

Sue W. comments via email:

My, we are feeling playful today!!! :-). This one is fun, I love the whites and how the colors rumble over each other. Nice job!