Sunday, September 15, 2013

On Gossamer Wings

This was a demo I had started a while back for an art society here in Texas.

I decided to finish it with the same paneling as for my previous posts and give it a different look.
It will also be in my solo show in December.

I began by taking a photo of the tired older demo and put it into Sketch Club where I worked and reworked the design till I felt I had something with which to work.

This is a great way to vamp up an old painting , I do it all the time, and it keeps me 'interested'.

This one is a 24 x 36" gallery wrap acrylic.
$500 plus s/h.

Prints may be purchased through Fine art America:

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Janine M. Comments via email:

Talk about fluid.....awesome. I enlarge your photos. It makes this one breathtaking. I'm always sorry when people reply to my posts from their iphone. they can see half the detail. Sometimes they go to it again on their monitor but who knows how often.

Lovely piece Rae.