Saturday, September 14, 2013

Santorini Cliff Hangers

Phew this one almost had me beat!

I began it as with the others of this series, layers of overlapping images on my IPad, then transfered the result to a 30 x 40" canvas.

I have changed this many times on my IPad, even during the process of painting.

Colors, angles, and many ideas were thrown to the winds, before I finally think I am satisfied.

While on Santorini a few months back I took off on my own to take photos, and discovered a cliff with beautiful homes on it, a winding path led  me right around the cliffs, to get me back into town.

I was hot, but very happy I took the effort to do this, the height and magnificence of this view was spectacular!

After that as some of you know, I went to the bottom of said cliffs via chair lift and rode a donkey back up again. These are the neverending stairs I rode my poor animal, onwards and upwards.

This painting is a complation of the many scenes I discovered on this very hot and dare I say, smelly (donkey) journey :))

This is a 30 x 40" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas.
$900 plus S/H

Prints may also be purchased through Fine Art America:

4 comments: said...

Janine M. Comments via email:

Well, it's loaded with energy, wonderful colors and fun stuff for sure. Your story makes me laugh which is also very good. Bravo ! said...

Sue W. comments via email:

I predict this one will sell, and fast! It's stunning! said...

Kathy G. Comments via email:

I like this painting said...

Vicki B. comments via email:
I think this is one of your very best. It’s just stunning. Love, love love it!!!! Glad you hung in there – it’s a pick breaker!!!!