Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Step by Step Process of River Dance Pastel on Pastel Mat Tinted Paper.

I thought I would post the steps of this pastel, and give you a short blow by blow on my process.

I had the Pastel Mat paper in my paper selection and have not used it much before, and this was a white sheet.

I thought I would just tint it my own color, and do a WILD  under painting.

So with my liquid acrylics I poured some colors and let them flow into each other ..It made for a very dramatic effect.

I had done this made up scene before in acrylics as a demonstration for an art group last year, and wanted to see if my paintings differed using a different medium.

You can be the judge on that.

Directly below is the original 16" x 20" acrylic painting which is on stretched canvas.

Steps of the 9.5" x 12" pastel painting below

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