Saturday, April 30, 2016

Friends...Pastel steps

Oh boy, this one was TOUGH to do! 
I guess a challenge is always good for us huh?

I am not thrilled with it, but thought I would post the stages and my finished result anyway.

The process was great fun, but hard going just the same.

The little girls were at the Round Rock Chalk Walk a few years ago. They were not together at all, I made the two become friends in my piece. :))

I began with a tan sheet of Sennelier sanded paper and a few swishes of acrylic paint, very bright colors.

I then used a sprayer of rubbing alcohol to diffuse the marks a little and a large soft brush.

This paper is not a mixed media paper and one has to move very gently with wet media on it. It can remove the whole surface very quickly if it's agitated too much.

Unlike a few in the past on this surface, I lucked out with FRIENDS, and managed to keep my surface in tact.

With a lot of pasteling over the top of my marks, it finally came together .. I do feel I could have stopped a lot earlier though, perhaps at stage 4..

My next post is the larger size of the finished piece.

My advice to anyone who might try this technique, go slowly, and don't panic!

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