Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tropical Fernery 2..Peerless Watercolors..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

This image is 10.5" x 12" The original is not for sale.

Prints of this image are available on the Fine Art America site:


Hi everyone, I am on an exploratory mission with different materials and thought some of you watercolorists might be interested in these.

I was looking at alternatives for travel and my art supplies not taking up a lot of room in my travel bags.

Peerless Watercolors are over 100 years old. They were used in the 1800's to tint photographs.

I used them in their liquid form maybe 40 years ago when I was tintng my black and white photos. Wish I had kept them all!

The colors come in two forms. 

A liquid form in small bottles which is what I had years ago. And this form below, pieces of card with the paper impregnated into it. 
The colors are simply gorgeous! And you all know how I love COLOR!

They are termed as WATERCOLORS, but I have also heard them termed as WATERCOLOR DYES.
All you do is loosen the paint with fresh water a bit at a time, and a little goes a long way!You literally use the paper swatches as your palette.

I found this concept interesting, so I ordered some and have been playing with them ever since.

I watched a lot of YouTube videos as well, to get idea, there are tons.

Pros..(for me)
 Colors are wonderful!
Although what is visible on the card, does not necessarily reflect the actual color, until the water comes in contact with it.
You MUST make a color chart.

The book is easy to take anywhere, very flat and manageable.

Cost is great considering comparing with a tube of paint.

I paid around $13 for this book below of 15 colors. I also bought a BONUS PACK of 40 colors which were around $23..I purchased through the Peerless website and the S/H was a flat rate of $2.95

DON'T touch the cards with wet fingers!

A little fiddly and time must be spent making a color chart

I don't feel these are the best alternative for a large watercolor, however, great for journaling.

The website says you need very little paint, however, some colors don't activate as well, at least that's what I found, and I have had to use more to get an impact on my paper.So in hindsite, this might not be as economical as I thought.

***Lightfastness..The jury is out on this.. I will test the colors and place them in sunlight to see, however, if they have stood the test of over 100 years on photographs, I feel they should be pretty archival.

My book of 15 colors

My bonus colors

My quick color chart however, on YouTube there are great ways to actually make charts which can be used for a travel palette. This I intend to do..

So in summing up, I do love these colors and felt they are a bit more luminous than the Inktense colors by DERWENT.

*** I do feel I can get more use out of the INKTENSE BLOCKS which I posted earlier.

Hope you enjoyed this little exploration, maybe some of you also have tried the PEERLESS COLORS, I would love to hear your comments.

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