Sunday, July 17, 2016

Tropical Fernery...Derwent Inktense Watercolor Ink Blocks..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

I have a new TOY! Or a set of new toys actually!

One of my students had some of these to play with the other day,  and I thought I just had to have some for myself.
So I went online and ordered a set of 36. I elected to purchase the blocks as I think I will get more use out of them. 
They have these in pencil form as well, and if you don't like getting dirty fingers (as you can with these blocks unless you use the holders Derwent sells) , the pencil option might be the best for you.

I bought my blocks on Amazon as I have free shipping with Prime. I did get a much better deal than buying through an art store, a savings of around $30!

DERWENT  INKTENSE  WATERCOLOR INK is really an oxymoron.. 
After all, Inks are INKS, WATERCOLOR (although similar), is quite a bit different for many reasons.

However, these are great fun to play with.
I would advise they are inks and could be fugitive, so check with the colors in a sunny area and see how they stand the test of time with lighfastness.

The colors are wonderful!

I used these just as a paintbox, a wet brush on the selected colors and away I went.

Another thing to note is they won't shift after they are dry, so there is no making mistakes, one simply must try to work around the 'mistake' to camouflage it. can glaze one color over another after the first is dry because of the above property.. Handy huh?
Something for which WATERCOLOR can be a little tricky, as colors can move when wet.

You can use a fluid wet into wet technique as well by wetting the paper first and letting the colors all merge together, although I felt watercolor does a better job of getting a smoother wash than the Intense blocks.

 I used a wet into dry more deliberate method for my TROPICAL FERNERY  below.

I think these would be great for working outside on painting trips, easy to pack, not a lot one has to take. Also great in journals.

***I will post this painting on my print site as well (with a better photo), as that is the only way I would sell this image, due to light fastness question mark.

But for now, I give Derwent Inktense a two thumbs up!
I also think I could utilize them with under painting for my pastel work, what fun!

My first sketch in these inks, is approx. 8" x 8".

This image is available in print form only through Fine Art America:

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