Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sunny Side..Pastel THE PROCESS....Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

While on my usual walk each morning, I see this lovely tree all the time,. Sparse and glowing with the sun on it. I decided I wanted to paint it.

I photographed it and placed my photo into Sketch Club on my IPad.

I cropped the scene, then overlapped a photo of an old colorful painting of mine making 2 layers.

I often do this, especially if the actually colors are a little dull in my photo. It is challenging to find a happy medium, not too colorful, yet, giving the scene an 'edge'.

With my trusty stylus, I manipulated the colors to fall in areas that pleased me, and flattened the layers.

The results I hope speak for themselves. I was ready to try a painting.

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