Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Journal Entry 1 (Spain) ..Watercolor..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

Well I am off and running again soon to teach a workshop in France.

I will be mostly doing pastels for my demos, but a few watercolorists are also coming, so I will be taking that medium as well and jounaling is a great plein air tool.

 I always take a watercolor journal to get quick sketches in. They are such fun, not to mention a lovely way to capture the memories of a trip, and who knows, each image could become a more serious painting after I get home.

I bought some new journals off Amazon recently, and have to say, I like this paper a lot. Especially for pen and ink work. See below for the brand I am using.

This scene (above) is in Spain, after my last trip. Cadaques, not far from where Salvador Dali lived.

I was walking by this house and a man was sitting on his stoop enjoying the shade. He saw I was taking photos and we got chatting. 

He invited me into his very lovely courtyard and I took numerous photos, so nice of him to share his privacy.

I did a pencil sketch first on the paper, then worked over it with a fine tip permanent marker before using some watercolor washes.

The book I bought is Stillman and Birn Mixed Media sketchbook, the BETA sreies.
I can recommend them.

I purchased a hard cover and a soft cover one, and both are great for watercolor, opening pretty flat while I work on them with washes. I do use a clothes peg at each corner just to secure the pages though. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these few pages I have done..You might like to try jounaling, it's great fun!

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