Saturday, August 5, 2017

Morning Glow with Adjustments..Watercolor...Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

Some of you might recall this original post of flowers.. It is a large watercolor on Arches heavy weight paper.. I was always a bit unhappy with it, so decided to adjust a few things today and add some more elements. Here is the old and the new version.

I thought you might like to read my thoughts on this one.

Sorry about the lighting, it was a bit different today when I took the bottom shot.

 I did not like the largeness of that one petal especially (almost in the center) of the painting. I decided to try and camouflage the edges of it with more leaves and shadows.

I then added two more blooms in that top right area. I think it's better, but you never know, I might even add more leaves later. I just have to live with it for a while again.

My main message to you is not to give up on an image, especially if in part, it shows promise. Sometimes you need to take a break and ponder possibilities.

                            The picture below shows the painting as it is now. I will post it on its own in the next post as well..

                             Morning Glow is a watercolor on Arches paper unframed
                                                                   22.5"x 28"

                              Both versions are available in print from Fine Art America

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