Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Journal Entry France 2018..Watercolor..Texas Artist...Rae Andrews

This is another journal entry from my recent workshop in France .

 The area is in Castlefranc, a quaint town very close to le Vieux Couvent. 

We painted by the river and had a lovely picnic this day, braving the wind a little, but it was still nice.

 I did this entry on site, and it's all watercolor with a final touch of gouache with watercolor on the tree trunks only.

Don't forget that gouache can be used quite comfortably with watercolor, it is after all watercolor with a touch of white in it. I use it a fair bit while doing my journal entries.

I hope you are liking these posts and are traveling along with me on this wonderful trip.

Thanks for visiting..

Rae works and teaches in all media. If you want more info on her workshops and classes, please contact her through this blog or her website at

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