Saturday, August 7, 2010

Zebra Crossing

Phew!! I sometimes wonder at my anal retentive mind.

I seem to be a sucker for punishment but after doing this very complicated and tedious composition in front of my TV last night, I am quite chuffed that I can actually see the zebras.
One can get horribly lost in all the stripes.

I drew this freehand on velour paper too, no transfer drawing as with most of my figure attempts. Don't know why, just wanted more angst in my life, I guess. LOL

I went to an open plain zoo just out of Austin quite a few years ago, where you drive around in cars, and if you are lucky, zebras and camels etc, will come right up to your vehicle. As I recall even a buffalo came up and poked his head inside my car.

Of course I was a snapping (photos that is) fool, with my great love of animals and awe of nature.

I began with pastel pencils on this one, and then nudged some of the highlights and darker values with chalk pastels.

It was a wonderful escape from the figures for a while and also disciplined me to stay with a monochromatic palette.


Studio Zanne said...

I'm in love with them! Gorgeous!!!
I may have to have them... said...

Sue wiley comments:
I LOVE this one! Nice job! I would have gotten totally lost in the stripes! xoxoxo said...

Janine Martens comments:
Awesome !

Janine said...

Courtney Brown comments:

They practically walk right out of the computer screen - they are delightful, just lovely and so real. I think zebras are fascinating little creatures and have only copied them from ads for safari trips; it's good to know that they are near Austin - a much cheaper trip!

Jo Castillo said...

Lovely break from the figures which I love, too. You did a wonderful drawing to work from. :)

padmaja said...

Hi Rae, hit upon your blog today and enjoyed your work!
This is stunningly attractive, the stripes must have been quite a strain on your eyes, but the hard work was worth it!

cabap said...

Great job my friend,
jan :) said...

Jill Moss wrotes:

I LOVE this one!!! said...

Thanx everone, I appreciate hearing from you all. The animal series seems to be taking over my life right now, who knew huh? But there it is, I will be similaneously working on the people and animal series, that should keep me on my toes.

Hope you will all check in on me often.