Sunday, June 28, 2015

Turquoise Koi Patterns..Watercolor and Liquid Acrylics

                                  This is another small design in readiness for my workshop tomorrow.
It is a great challenge to me, to try and make sense of the lines and shapes made in the first throw in of paints.
I used my GOLDEN FLUID LIQUID ACRYLICS and just let them 'play' on the surface, before finding the fish shapes. The fish were brought into focus with watercolor and negative painting.

If your work has become 'stagnant' and maybe a little (oh no!) PREDICTABLE) then maybe this fun start to painting is what you need.

The acrylics give a nice bright start on the paper and of course don't fade to a muted color as with watercolors. Any subject can be worked into this loose start, however one has to let go of realism, and be willing to have a slightly ambiguous subject in the end.

The white of the paper left behind after the acrylic 'throw' is most important.. Those lovely shapes are the 'saving grace' for a subject..

Try it, you will be challenged (true) however it is most rewarding when you finally get a subject to materialize.

                                             This image is 8" x 12" (unframed.
                                                            $160 Plus S/H

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