Friday, July 10, 2015

Urban Threads.. Watercolor and Liquid Acrylics

URBAN THREADS  is hot off the presses. This one took a lot of thought and playing with shape and line.
I turned it many ways to see which way looked the best before I signed it.
In fact I could have had this as a horizontal or vertical painting, but in the end, this horizontal won out.

The process was a very playful throw - in of paint at first using my liquid acrylics leaving a LOT of white paper showing. (That's the easy part)
Next I began to place tape down and some curved shapes and using watercolor and some liquid acrylics, I negatively painted around some of the shapes. I still had no clue what was happening, this is purely an INTUITIVE  approach.

The swirly lines were already there from my first lay in. I knew I wanted to make a feature of these.

ABSTRACTS take a lot of concentration, walking away from them, assessing, taking things away,reconstructing. Placing other shapes into the image,  walking away from the image, walking back into the image, it truly is a process.

I love geometric shapes.. However I do love organic shapes as well. This image seemed to tell me it wanted a more structured feeling, and the GRID - like patterns began to pull me around the image.

 The lines I had made in my first throw- in were also a huge lead into and around my image and one I wanted to make a feature of.

So URBAN THREADS  was born.. I hope you like.  :))

This image is unframed in Arches Paper.
7.5" x 6"
$150 Plus S/H

Prints are also available through Fine Art America:

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