Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bam Bam..Pastel ..Texas Artist Rae Andrews

Well here is my first attempt at painting my little Bam Bam. The top picture is the finished result.

It is not great, but led the way to my next pastel which I am posting next.

This one started with a light alcohol wash with pastels on Sennelier sanded paper. See the steps in next few pictures.
Not easy in itself as it can lift the surface completely off the paper, which I accidentally did with this one... This paper is not meant for 'wet media'..

It can work though, one just has to remember not scrub the surface.

After it was dry I did a pastel of my little guy over and into the marks. 

I was not happy with it about halfway through, but kept on, and decided it was a good painting to work out my teething problems .

I vowed to do better!

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