Sunday, April 10, 2016

What's That? Pastel on Velour Paper..Texas Artist...Rae Andrews

The finished piece.. 

Here is my cut and paste of the boys in that light.. Two photos, I joined them.

What a difference the substrate makes!! 
I went back to my old faithful VELOUR PAPER.. I just LOVE this paper for portraits!

I have had my babies here for over 4 years now, and this is the first joint portrait I have done of them.

And no, they are NOT redheads. However, when I took this set of photos it was sunset, and that red cast was on them, It was gorgeous light, I had to paint them as I saw them.

I used Photoshop to drop and drag the two pictures together, so I could work out composition.

I do this sort of thing a LOT in my work. I LOVE my computer..(sometimes) At times I could throw it through the window too!

But I digress.
This image is 20" x 10" on velour paper and is a pastel.

I am very happy with this one.

Prints are available through Fine Art America:

Rae conducts workshops and demonstrations of her techniques in ACRYLICS, PASTELS, OILS, and WATERCOLORS
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