Saturday, October 1, 2016

Small Gems. Gouache Landscapes....Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

I guess because I have just been traveling and had to pack my art supplies in a very imaginative way, so my bags would not be overloaded, I am on a 'SMALL GEMS' kick right now.

I decided to get out my GOUACHE and explore this medium, which incidentally I feel is perfect for the traveling, plein air artist.

There are so many ways to use this paint. Splash it on  like watercolor, in a translucent to semi opaque way. Or opaquely and thicker, similar to acrylics.

I used a watercolor Fabriano block 5" x 7" .Just perfect for taking on a plane.

I tinted all the pieces first with a wash of a brightly even colored gouache, to get rid of the white paper.

I then proceeded to paint as I would an oil or acrylic painting, by building the layers to the desired values.

Gouache will dry slightly darker though, so you have to 'punch' the lights.

The first one is from my regular morning walk around the shores of Lake Travis here in Austin. Yesterday it was like a millpond, and the reflections were wonderful!

 The tree one is completely made up. I just wanted to explore the shadows and the higher key palette.

I can honestly say this medium is very forgiving, and well worth exploring for plein air painting.

I hope you enjoy.. Comments are very welcome.

Rae conducts workshops and demonstrations of her techniques in ACRYLICS, PASTELS, OILS, and WATERCOLORS

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