Monday, January 2, 2017

Subdued Light..Pastel..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

High Key paintings do not come as easy to me as an image in the low key (darker values) range.

I thought I would try one, just to get into some 'dangerous waters' so to speak.

I think we all need to do this occasionally, and not stay in our SAFE zone all the time. Sound familiar?

I made this image up, and wanted the drama of the soft sky to be the main feature.

I used Canson Mi Teintes Touch paper, which is not my favorite, but hey, what the heck!

I felt a need for the 'pop' of red in the front grasses just to get that area to read closer to the viewer. This I did with the 'dusting' technique.
Great fun!

This image is 8.50" x 8.25" unframed
$100 Plus S/H

Prints are available through Fine Art America:

Rae conducts workshops and demonstrations of her many techniques . She uses all media.

Please contact her through this blog, or via her website at:

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