Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Gentle Sway to the Left..Oil..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews


And now for something completely different! Yep, I actually got out my poor old oil paints today and decided to break into them 'gently' as it's been a few years.

This is an oil panel, no idea what brand, I think it's one I gessoed myself eons ago.

I did tint the panel first with a magenta acrylic, and that is the color you see peeping through the oil overlays.

I love to work on a tinted surface, and mostly it's been with my pastel and watercolor/gouache paintings I admit. So why not my oils?

 I think I will try to do more of these smaller oils for a while, they are a challenge for me.. 

I love a challenge, don't you? I mean, we can get stagnated in our thoughts and practices in our art, (at least I do), and get stuck on things that feel safe for us.

Setting a challenge occasionally (with color, subject or medium ..even all of the above) , can stop the monotony, if nothing else, it will make you step out of 'SAFE MODE' and make you work harder.. 

So.....Don't get comfortable, or formularize your art, that's the kiss of death. I have seen many very capable artists 'paint themselves out' when they stick to only one area of expertise/genre, one that sells for them, or one in which they feel SAFE.

It's size is 8" x 10"
$150 unframed

This image is also available in print through Fine Art America:

 Rae works and teaches in all media, if you want more info on her workshops, please contact her through this blog or via her website at:

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